Tutoring Methodology

Special Features of Tutoring​

  • Personal care offered to each student to make them feel at home
  • Encouraging the students to open-up freely to the tutor for doubt clarification
  • Imparting confidence and over-coming fear of the competitive exams
  • Stress free and effective learning
  • Wholesome development in the students’ positive attitude

Method of Tutoring

  • Teaching fundamental concepts and grasping of key results and formulae
  • Applying concepts in simple problems involving singular concepts
  • Applying thinking skills in problems involving multiple or in-depth concepts
  • In-class tests
  • Online Assignments and Online Tests at the end of each chapter/module.

Tools of Online Teaching

  • Tutoring shall be conducted using Zoom Video Conferencing App
  • Use of Interactive Digital Whiteboards with special Math features
  • Learning Management System for student’s wholesome learning experience
  • Slides, Videos and Animations as and when necessary to clarify a concept

System requirements at the Student’s end

  • A computer system or laptop with at least 4 GB RAM and minimum Intel i3 Core processor or equivalent, good webcam and speaker, and Operating System supporting Zoom software and a compatible web browser.
  • Smart mobile phone or tablet can be used, but it is not ideal as students will not be able to see the whiteboard clearly in a small screen
  • Good internet, preferably fiber/ broadband, with speed at least of 20 mbps.