Ramakrishna I always looked forward attending to Akshay Sir’s class. He explained the most complex concepts in a simplistic manner with illustrations. One of the many great qualities of Akshay sir as a teacher was he could understand and anticipate the queries we had, thereby clear them with intuitive examples. Sir’s classes made learning Math a stress-free, fun experience. Thank you Sir for the helping us shape our careers.

Current position: Data Scientist at Goldman Sachs
Education: B.Tech – IIT Madras, MS – Columbia University


Actually, I am not a big fan of Math. But, I still vividly remember a moment in a class when Dr. Akshay Naidu encouraged me and genuinely appreciated my originality when I was able to solve a problem in a very different way. That day he filled confidence in me by fundamentally transforming my initial conception and made me to think even I can do great in Mathematics. He is always approachable and has a genuine passion to teach students of any level, to reach their excellence. I really miss the serenity which he brings to the classroom.

Current position: Ongoing PhD. – McGill University
Education: B.Tech – BITS Pilani


Akshay sir was one of the best maths teachers I had as a student. The reason for that was the intuitive way in which he explained the concepts. I was taught by him in the 2007-2009 batch and 10 years later I still remember how he taught the concepts of calculus and coordinate geometry. He’s a kind teacher who genuinely cares about his students.

Current position: Quantitative Researcher, JP Morgan Chase
Education: B.Tech – IIT Kharagpur, MS – Columbia University, New York


The last time I was in Akshay Sir’s math class was more than 10 years back during my 11th and 12th class. However, throughout my undergrad, PhD, postdoctoral studies, and onwards in my current position, I have benefited and am continuing to benefit immensely because of the foundation he provided, his teaching style, and his genuine care. Being in his class is an amazing experience!

Current position: Assistant Professor (Research) at University of Pennsylvania
Education: B.Tech – BITS Pilani, PhD – NTU, Singapore

dhanvi Akshay Sir has an amazing ability to break down complex concepts into easily understandable chunks. I have personally benefitted tremendously from his teaching and guidance during my preparation for competitive exams. I used to be specifically excited about his classes. His teaching is very structured and disciplined, which helped me focus on important concepts to maximize results. I have attended his classes on vector algebra, co-ordinate geometry, calculus and several other mathematical concepts. I can say with absolute certainty that every student under his guidance will benefit from his teaching and experience and will become confident in JEE level Mathematics.  In addition to being a great mathematics teacher, he is also a humble and approachable person, willing to provide his students with necessary career guidance

Current position: Software Engineer at Microsoft
Education: B.Tech – BITS Pilani, MS – Ohio State University

sasidhar The Subject is interestingly presented with clear focus on concepts. Its specially inspires me to see Sir’s precise handwriting and explanations, helped me to register the subject in class itself. I feel it is a very rare gift in my life to be present in his Class. I can never forget the experience of his teaching.

Current position: Research Scholar at IIT Kharagpur
Education: B.Tech – GRIET – JNTU-H, M.Tech- IIT Roorkee, PhD. – IIT Kharagpur

Arvind It’s a great experience to learn Mathematics from Akshay Naidu Sir. His simple and lucid style has helped me understand the toughest topics like Geometry with ease. Because of his structured approach, I could solve the difficult problems also quite comfortably. His teaching style, imbibes lot of confidence in students.

Current position: Asst Manager, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
Education: B.Tech – GITS, JNTU-H, MBA – IIM Trichy

Ramakrishna I can definitely say this, if you are student of Akshay Naidu Sir then you will never get discouraged, even if you don’t understand the concepts properly you can ask him as many questions and he will make sure he will clear all your doubts and he make sure that you will be confident in the concept by the end of the class. I am very much grateful to Akshay Naidu sir because of his teachings I am able to differentiate what’s good and bad in life. He is a very good teacher both in academics as well as good life coach.

Current position: Biomedical Engineer in Wishbone Medical Inc.
Education: B.Tech – KMIT, JNTU-H, MS – Wayne State University

sasidhar Akshay Sir makes Mathematics lively by supplying examples related to practical applications than boring theories and derivations! He teaches fundamentals very clearly. I attended his GATE mathematics classes and I greatly benefited from his teachings. I have been using various concepts of mathematics taught by him, especially calculus and differential equations, in my research career over the years at various organizations such as NIT-W, BARC, IIT-B, and here at the Old Dominion University, Virginia, United States. Akshay Sir not only focuses on subject teaching but also cares for students’ success by helping them to overcome the stress and exam fear.

Current position: Adjunct Assistant Professor – Old Dominion University
Education: B.Tech – JNTU-H, M.Tech- NIT Warangal, PhD – Old Dominion University

Akhila I was taught 11th and 12th Math by Akshay Sir. What I liked most about his teaching is that he would come to the level of the student and teach. He would start with basic concepts, make us practice many small problems first and then increase the level of difficulty of the problems and everyone would pace up very easily. Akshay Sir gives personal attention to each student and makes sure you get the maximum out of his course. It would be a great learning experience for a person at any level.

Current position: Specialist Programmer, Infosys Ltd
Education: B.Tech (ECE) GNITS, JNTU-H

Praneeth Dr. Akskay has an organized and constructive teaching style. The classes are well presented, He takes complicated concepts and makes them not only easy but also logical. He genuinely cares about his students, if you have any questions he always goes above and beyond to make sure you understand it.

Current position: CAE Engineer/Canoo
Education: B.Tech – NIT Warangal, MS – University of Florida

prudvi Dr. Akshay Naidu Sir taught us Engineering Mathematics and some portions of Fluid Mechanics during my GATE exam coaching. His teaching methods are highly impressive and practical. I personally appreciate his efforts to teach students. He makes all difficult concepts very simple to understand which helped me to score full marks in mathematics portion in GATE. He is very helpful and friendly.  I could easily approach him and ask for useful feedback at any point in time and his advice was very helpful. My PhD research involved a lot of mathematical stuff (partial differentiations) and the foundation I received from Dr. Naidu Sir helped me a lot. Finding a teacher and well-wisher like him is very rare and I am fortunate to have such a person in my life.

Current position: Research Assistant, Victoria University, Australia
Education: B.Tech – GRIET, JNTU-H, M.Tech – IIT Madras, PhD. – IIT Madras


I still remember learning maths from Akshay sir. He taught us calculus, trigonometry, conic sections and matrices. He presented the concepts in very systematic approach which enabled us to learn properly. The problem solving strategy he took was very clear and concise which helped us a lot.

Current position: Postdoc Research Associate, Iowa State University
Education: B.Tech – BITS-Pilani, PhD. – Iowa State University

Vamsi Explaining the subject from grass root level with focus on fundamentals makes Akshay Sir’s classes very interesting and made me understand the subject lucidly. Sir would teach all the concepts without compromising on the quality, which helped while taking my GATE exam. Confidently I can say he is the best Maths teacher I have come across. A very humble teacher

Current position: Piping Stress and Support Engineer, TechnipFMC 
Education: B.Tech – GRIET, JNTU-H, M.Tech – NIT Trichy