Free Classes for IIT-JEE 2021 (Mains & Advanced)

Online Tutoring Program Offered

A unique opportunity for intensive conceptual study and practice covering Class XI (Intermediate Year I) and Class XII (Intermediate Year I) syllabi


August, 2020

Free Classes for IIT-JEE 2021 (Mains & Advanced)

7th August- Orientation

8th August - Classes Begin

From 8th August 2020 to 31 Jan 2021

5:00 – 6:30 PM (Saturday & Sunday)

Course Structure

A chapter in every module is reviewed in the following phases:

    Phase 1:  Teaching of all the fundamental concepts and results of the chapter

    Phase 2:  Problems Workout Session for important conceptual model problems

Course is divided into six modules:

    Module 1:  Differential Calculus                                 – 18 hours

    Module 2:  Integral Calculus                                        – 18 hours

    Module 3:  Trigonometry                                             – 10 hours

    Total                                                                               – 46 hours

Students have a choice to opt for TWO, MORE or ALL of the modules. 

Key Features

  • Your Revision Made Easy: Organized and disciplined review of fundamental topics
  • Cover-up of conceptual blocks of students in various chapters
  • Practice of important models of questions covering key concepts
  • Assignment and Practice Worksheets provided


  • Selection based on Students’ merit and parents’ financial status
  • Proof of student’s merit and parents’ financial status must be submitted
  • Monthly attendance and submission of assignments over 90% required to continue attending the classes.

Tutoring Options

  • Mini Class Option only. Maximum Batch Size limited to 30 students