Free Classes for IIT-JEE/ BITSAT 2021

A unique opportunity of free classes for intensive conceptual study and practice covering key topics for students


Aug, 2020

Free Classes on Mathematics for IIT-JEE 2021 (Mains & Advanced)

Current Topic: Differential Calculus - Functions

9th Aug 2020 Onwards

6:00 – 7:30 PM
(Every Saturday & Saunday)

Course Structure

A chapter in every module is reviewed in the following phases:

    Phase 1:  Teaching of all the fundamental concepts and results of the chapter

    Phase 2:  Problems Workout Session for important conceptual model problems  

    Phase 3:  Problems Workout Session for challenging model problems of the chapter

Topics Covered

Module 1: Differential Calculus

Module 2: Integral Calculus

Module 3: Algebra

Key Features

  • Your Revision Made Easy: Organized and disciplined review of fundamental topics
  • Cover-up of conceptual blocks of students in key topics
  • Practice of important models of questions covering key concepts & tough problems